Dear Guests,

The  safety and well-being of our guests, visitors and staff is very important to us and, in response to Covid-19 pandemic, we are taking all the necessary precautions to comply with the National and International regulations. We have been closely monitoring COVID-19 updates and adhering to the guidelines set by the National Ministry of Health and World Health Organization.

As we will be able to welcome you for your holiday this year, a number of thorough precautionary standards have been set in place so as to ensure a safe, healthy and welcoming environment!

Given that our villa is an absolutely private resort without public spaces or facilities at common use, the risk of infection is definitely minimized. In this environment, our priority is to promote ‘hygiene trust’ within the hotel for guests and employees to feel comfortable while staying and working here due to the high-standard-hygiene processes we have implemented towards a sustainable occupancy result.

  1. To begin with, all our employees have received enhanced training in coronavirus prevention based on guidelines issued by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as well as recommended by the Ministry of Health. All staff are provided with surgical masks and gloves.
  2. We have secured private transportation for each employee to avoid using public transportation.
  3. All employees, visitors, supplier or outside company representatives when entering/leaving the hotel will be temperature screened and asked to use hand sanitiser before entering the resort and touching any surface.
  4. Increased cleaning frequencies of all guest areas focusing on high-touch areas (door handles, tables etc) are applied. Employees equipped with masks, gloves and hairnets will be ensure a thorough and rigorous cleaning and disinfection of all rooms after guest departure and before the next arrival.
  5. Bathrooms and tables will be sterilized on a daily basis, along with surfaces and other amenities.
  6. Installed hand sanitising stations have been established for guest convenience at villa entrance.
  7. All guests will be temperature screened and monitored for signs and symptoms upon arrival.
  8. Buffets will be cancelled and no cold food will be served. Welcome baskets will have packaged items only.
  9. Breakfast service will be still available favoring in-house menus and family sharing platters. However, packaged products will be preferred and only hot food platters will be offered.
  10. We ensure that all Food Safety Policies are followed, daily cleaning and disinfection of the kitchen and other food preparation areas and surfaces  are applied. Proper cooking and storage of food is delivered in accordance with hygiene and cleanliness practices. Our food preparing process from the kitchen to delivery to your table can be checked by guests at any moment.
  11. Guests are not obliged to use masks or gloves, but you are advised to keep social distance and wash hands and use hand sanitizers frequently.
  12. Sunbeds are sanitized daily and placed at a distance of 2 meters from each other.

Finally, my wife is specialized in internal medicine and I am a pulmonologist. Being doctors, we are particularly trained in dealing with COVID cases. We are always at your disposal and we can ensure you we will offer you our medical support and advice at any time during your stay.

Although Greece and especially Crete has an extremely low infection rate, we will abide by all guidelines and we will maintain all precautionary measures. Summer is here and we look forward to welcoming you!