the birthplace of Zeus

Crete is sunny most of the year round,with many sandy beaches, places of archaeological interest,wild beautiful countryside and traditional villages.

Knossos Estate Villas are located in the coastal centre of North Crete and are the ideal place for tourists who wants to explore the island and the beauty it offers.

Over the last few years Crete has become the most popular tourist destination in Greece. The mediterranean diet,the hospitality of the locals,the unique character of each and every one of its villages make Crete such a popular place.

Crete, the biggest of the Greek islands, located in the South of the Aegean Sea. The island offers a variety of landscapes, coastline with paradise beaches and rocky caves, high mountains, gorges, beautiful towns and charming villages, picturesque harbors, traditional food, famous sightseeings.

You can visit museums, castles, monasteries and other historical and archaeological sites like Knossos, the capital of Minoan civilization which is considered to be one of the greatest civilizations ever.