Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions


Rental Basis: per property
All rates are based on price per unit.

Number of guests is set and confirmed by the holidaymaker in the booking form.
Accommodation of guests added after the deposit payment and the confirmation of a reservation may include extra charges.

Rates include VAT and local taxes.
Rates include water and electricity.
Rates include standard maid service and the services of our assistants. ( every second day)
Rates do not include transaction fees (if applied) for payments.
Linen, bath and pool towels are provided free of charge.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Key pick-up with assistants of the villa – we get in touch with the guest 6-7 days before arrival to confirm directions and other arrrival details

Check- in from 14:00
Check-out until 12:00


Deposit and Terms

Deposit payment is required to officially validate your reservation.
The deposit is paid via Paypal or via bank transfer.
Balance is due upon arrival in cash or 15 days prior to arrival via bank transfer.
Personal checks are not accepted.


Cancellation Policy

The deposit is refundable if the booking is cancelled within one month after the validation of the reservation.
Transaction fees are not refundable.